5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Rocked the Hanbok

Celebrities are known to be the icons of fame, popularity and show business, in their respective countries. Beautifully, their venture and thriving career in the industries that they are a part of has shown their immense and in-depth vigor, determination, passion and flaming commitment to succeed and make a name for themselves in the industries that they are in from the very beginning.  

Relatively, these industries promote the fields of  Music, Film, Hosting, Drama, Comedy and Theater, as far as these artists are concerned through the process of brimming themselves, as well as in being forayed in these fields and industries, as a whole. As a means of placing the Korean Hanbok in the limelight, this traditional cultural clothing is not only worn by the proud and dignified Koreans who lived their lives fully in their beloved nation, but also by other people from other nationalities who would like to try it on for themselves.

As an urgency of trying a new opportunity as a whole, celebrities that originate from other countries are truly proud of wearing the Hanbok for they achieve a sense of fulfillment and a feeling of joy whenever they are donned with the clothing, during their stay and visit in Korea. In this article, we will get to discover the different celebrities who have proudly worn the Korean Hanbok in their respective commitments, shows, visits, and guestings in Korea and even outside Korea in entirety. Let us begin. 

A Primer to the Celebrities Who Donned Gracefully in the Korean Hanbok 

Korean Culture has remained to be steadfast in terms of raising awareness to other countries about their fascinating, distinct and magnificent culture, which makes it immensely significant throughout the world, in entirety.  Evidently, as a means of promoting its own culture in its own territories in the country respectively, people all over the world are greatly familiar with the Korean Hanbok, as one of the prominent icons of cultural heritage in the country. 

As numerical data is concerned, 1.6 million tourists are recorded to visit Seoul, which is the capital city of Korea, in order to optimally and maximally enjoy, savor and make the most of its traditions, practices, culture and all of its amazing offerings that are a direct response to adventure and travel enthusiasts in totality. 

The influx of Korean obsession has made a great impact in the lives of various celebrities around the world which in return, has greatly influenced their longing to visit the country and grab the opportunity if they would have the chance to do so. 

Below are the top 5 American celebrities who have shown themselves proudly in the eyes of the public by being donned in the traditional and culturally-ladened Korean Hanbok, as follows: 

Britney Spears 

Britney Spears is one of the most popular female singers and performers in the United States of America as she paved her way in rising to stardom through her musically related genre which is Pop. In 2003, she proudly wore a Korean Hanbok which is colored in pink during her public appearance in Korea, which was accentuated with a Jokduri headpiece as a full-depiction of the traditional beauty of the Hanbok, as an infused resemblance of the past and present. 

During that time when Britney Spears wore the Hanbok, she was reported to have made a last-minute decision in wearing it, as a means of replacing the prepared outfit that was meant for the visit.  In addition, her visit in Korea was meant for Britney Spears to promote publicly her fourth album which is entitled “In the Zone” which made her Korean fans appreciate and love her all the more because of her proud initiative of wearing the Hanbok, as a whole. 

Paris Hilton 

Paris Hilton is one of the famous and popular singers of the United States of America, which made her rise to stardom because of her musically related genre which is Pop, as well as her oozing talent in performing at an optimal level, in front of the public’s eyes in totality. 

As a means of emphasis, Paris Hilton’s public appearance and attendance in formal events, like the Korean Wedding Ceremony that she attended as an example, in a Korean Hanbok made a remarkable imprint for her Korean fans, during her visit to Seoul. Lastly, Paris Hilton was quoted to have said, during one of her interviews, when she wore the Korean Hanbok, which is:  “I wish I had more time here… I’d love to see the Korean palaces, architecture and old streets.” 

Nicky Hilton 

Nicky Hilton, who is the sister of Paris Hilton, is one of the famous models, fashion designers, socialites and businesswomen in the United States of America.  Her thriving interest in the world of modeling has earned her the right and name to become a popular American celebrity, which led her to rise into the direction of stardom. 

Nicky Hilton was reported to have made a graceful visit in Seoul, last 2005.  Through her visit in the country, Nicky Hilton graced the eyes of the public, with her fashionable initiative and effort of wearing the Korean Hanbok which was accentuated in a white Jeogori, black Chima, and a white ribbon that is securely fastened around her waist. 

In addition, during one of her interviews with the media, Nicky Hilton was quoted to have said that she was truly excited from the very start of grabbing an opportunity that she would be able to wear the Hanbok as a Korean custom, as she was greatly inspired by her sister, Paris Hilton. 

Paris Hilton was also remembered by her fans to have worn the Korean Hanbok during her visit and attendance to the country and through its formal events and ceremonies.  Nicky Hilton emphasized during her media interview the following words as follows: “I feel comfortable in the dress, and it’s beautiful.” 

Nicolas Cage 

Nicolas Cage is a popular actor in the United States of America, who graced a lot of films both as the main and supporting actor  in varied themes, which made him rise to the pedestal of stardom, because of his unwavering ability to act in various means and initiatives, flexibly. 

Nicolas Cage made an unforgettable and memorable imprint in his life and to his fans, by wearing proudly the Korean Hanbok in 2004, during his marriage with his wife, in the person of Alice Kim. Alice Kim on the other hand is a Korean by origin and the couple donned in the Korean Hanbok, which made the wedding truly culturally significant, unforgettable to  Nicolas Cage’s  fans and ladened immensely in their deep love for each other. 

Jessica Alba 

Jessica Alba is one of the famous American actresses and businesswomen of her time, who paved her way to stardom through her popularly viewed films which are Dark Angel, wherein she received a Golden Globe nomination, Camp Nowhere and The Secret World of Alex Mack. 

During Jessica Alba’s visit to Korea, she decided to wear the Korean Hanbok as a means of giving high regard and respect to the country.  Her specially designed Hanbok which is centered on beauty and modernity, and as a perfect outfit in attending evening parties, weddings and anniversaries, represented her inner joy of wearing the Hanbok with utmost pride, dignity and resilience. 

Jessica Alba’s initiative is a means for her to promote the Hanbok of Korea, as a cultural icon and heritage of the country, as she graced an interview together with Baek Jiyeon, in order to promote her film entitled “People Inside”. Lastly, the designer of Jessica Alba’s Hanbok is Kim Mehee, who is a Korean by origin. 

Would you wear hanbok?

In conclusion, these top 5 American celebrities made a great influence and impact to other celebrities around the world that definitely, there is nothing wrong in wearing the Hanbok of Korea. 

Because what matters most is how the wearer carries it during the entire period of him or her wearing it, which is expected to be centered on grace, poise, class, finesse and dignity in character, as a whole. 

It is the hope of the writer that through these top 5 American celebrities who wore the Hanbok, it will inspire the reader to take the grand chance of wearing it, as an addition to his or her memory lane, filled with memories, when in Korea. 


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