Modern Hanbok Trends of 2020

Modernity is not only limited in the aspects of technology and communication, but it also encompasses every aspect that is seen and available around us, both in the society and the world that we live in. 

The Hanbok of Korea may be greatly regarded both as a traditional and cultural clothing, but definitely, its national significance and relevance is highly depicted as a bridge from the past into the present, as this has been worn and used with pride, honor and dignity by all Koreans, in all walks of life, with the connotation that it represents their identity as a whole. 

In this article, we will be discovering the modern trends, touches and designs of the Hanbok which definitely gave a transformative and blended look of the clothing that is both a manifestation of the influence of the past and the infusion of the present. Let us begin. 

A Brief Overview on the Modern Hanbok 

Evidently, Korea’s Hanbok have undergone evolution and transformation throughout time, most especially in the present 21st century, yet its resemblance from the past as a cultural icon has remained vivid even up to this present day. 

As a means of emphasis, the new and present breed of Korean generations are highly influenced with the infused modernity that is present in the clothing, and this in return has absolutely inspired them to wear the clothing with no hesitations, because of its in-depth cultural value. 

To continue with, the modern version of the Hanbok has led the younger Korean generations to pair it with the use of casual clothing such as jumpers, jeans and sneakers, as they attend gracefully and fashionably the different special occasions in their country, such as weddings for example.  

Moreover, the patterns that are imbued in colorful vibrancy, as well as the designs that are heavily ladened in comfort are the present touches that are vivid in the modern Hanbok, in which as a highlight, the clothing can be machine washed, after its usage and as a means of convenience. 

Below are the following modern Hanbok trends, that are currently and presently used by all Koreans in their beloved country, as follows: 

The Modern Hanbok Fashion

The Modern Hanbok Fashion has been catapulted nowadays, in the state of popularity as proven evident in the scene of Korean Fashion at the present time.

In a closer look and perspective, the long before renowned outfit in Korea that is depicted in elegance, traditional touch and full-body covering that matches the wearer, has reached a phase of transformation wherein in conformity to the modern world, the use of short dresses and shorts are already possible and highly welcomed, as a match. 

To continue with, the modern Hanbok has reached a level wherein its suitability ranges to a variety of occasions which originates from chique wedding dresses and up to the daily wear, so to speak. As a means of emphasis, some of the leading Korean brands that produce and sell the modern version of the Hanbok  trousers and dresses via online are Coreano, Leesle, Chimajeogori and The Korean in Me. 

Moreover, an alternative option that Koreans can incorporate in their daily lifestyle, as a means of looking and purchasing the modern style of the Hanbok are found in the streets of Seoul, most relevantly in Bukchon Village and in Insadong wherein small Hanbok shops are found. 

In addition, aside from Bukchon Village and Insadong, some of the cities in Korea that feature Hanbok shops that are easily accessible are in Gyeongju, ancient Silla capital and in Jeonju Hanok Village. 

The Korean In Me: Modern Hanbok Korean Brand 

The Korean in Me is renowned worldwide as an online Hanbok shop that sells both the traditional and modern Korean Hanbok and is situated in the United States of America. 

The online shop offers a wide array of Hanboks that are suited for all men, women and children, respectively. 

And as a guarantee, if the prospective wearer is a certified fan of Korean dramas, an option of purchasing a fashionably cool Joseon hat is available, as an additive and as featured in “Kingdom”, which is one of Korea’s leading and most viewed K-dramas at present.

Modern Hanbok Wedding Dress

On the basis of Korea’s present society, the country has remained steadfast nowadays in the preservation of the traditional Korean wedding, both as a culturally-ladened ceremony and as a societal practice.

The practice of the traditional Korean wedding originates from the philosophy of Confucianism, wherein both the groom and the bride are donned in their blue and red Hanbok robes wherein underneath such robes is an individually worn Hanbok of their own, respectively. 

As a highlight, the Korean wedding ceremony is a representation, depiction and manifestation of the couple’s goals, by means of symbolism. 

The impact of the modern Hanbok as a trend is that, whenever the bride and groom will wear it during their wedding, the whole ceremony will definitely be a stand out, in comparison to the other couple’s weddings, so to speak. 

As a featured shopping advice, the soon to be married Korean couple can shop for the modern Hanbok dresses through the following branded shops that are both available online and offline in Korea and these are Etsy, Leehwa and Hanbok Sarang. 

In addition, these three modern Hanbok shops promise their prospective buyers, renters, customers and clients that their Hanbok products that are infused with the modern touch are absolutely affordable, comfortable and pretty to wear as a whole.  

Moreover, if the soon to be married Korean couple does not highly consider buying a new and modern Hanbok, as an option, they can decide alternately on renting one solely for use during their pre-wedding and wedding ceremony photo shoot, respectively. 

Modern Hanbok for Men 

The Modern Hanbok has not only gained its increased fame and popularity in women, but also in men, not only in Korea, but to all individuals around the world, as a whole. 

As an overall description, the modern Hanbok fashion in men is simple, enriched in colors and most importantly, is not overwhelmed with patterns, in comparison to women. 

In addition, the traditional Hanbok in men which is composed of the Jeogori and Baji, remains to be the same in terms of its modernity as highly iconic Korean clothing. 

Overall, the modern Hanbok in men is connoted with the impression which states: “The simpler that the modern Hanbok is worn by men, the better is its overall impact.”

Modern Hanbok Pattern: An Overall Look 

The Modern Hanbok Pattern can be searched freely, as a means of inspiration through Pinterest. Pinterest offers its website visitors an array of traditional and modern patterns of the Hanbok. 

Aside from Pinterest, Etsy is also an online website wherein the prospective buyer can purchase a digital pattern of his or her favorite modern Hanbok, as a whole. 

For women who opt to purchase a skirt and top that is either ramie or silk in origin as a material for the fabric, he or she can opt for a pattern that is in plain fabric or a pattern that is decorated with patterns. 

Lastly, basing on tradition, the fabric that is used for the Hanbok is plain, in comparison to the modern Hanbok design and pattern that has no governing rules to consider as a whole. 

In conclusion, the transformation and touch of modernity that is found in the modern design of the Hanbok, is direct evidence that portrays the worldly reality and permanence of change, as a means of conformity to men, women and children who will wear it in any desired occasion, event and festivity when in Korea, as a whole. 

It is the hope of the writer of this article that the reader will be inspired to take the leap on wearing the modern design of the Hanbok, yet with the guarantee that its cultural significance, impact and relevance remains imprinted in his or her heart and mind, in entirety and without fade.


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