How to Wear Hanbok: Women’s Hanbok Guide

When you wear underclothes and outer garment of hanbok in proper order, it will make an elegant look. But figuring out the order can be hard. 

Use our handy step-by-step guide whenever you need to wear hanbok. The wearing order is different depending on the type of hanbok you have.

Step 1. Wear the undergarments (if you have them). 

Undergarments for hanbok consist of the beoseon (hanbok socks), sokbaji (underpants), and sokchima (underskirt). 

If you have them, wear these underneath your hanbok. You can choose from either the underpants or the underskirt. Wearing the underskirt will give your skirt an extra layer of oomph and make it fan out more.  

Step 2. Wear the chima (the skirt) 

Step 3. Wear the seokjeoksam (optional)

The seokjeoksam is the traditional under-layer of the blouse, a thin, white blouse that covers the upper body.

Step 4. Put on the jeogori (main blouse) and tie it securely

How to wear hanbok: women

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