Infographic: When to Wear a Korean Hanbok

You’ve noticed the unique wardrobes featured in Korean historical shows like Kingdom and The King: Eternal Monarch. And although the times have changed, the traditional hanbok is making a comeback through modern variants and celebrities such as BTS’ Jungkook wearing hanbok at the airport.

Which got us thinking: besides the airport, where else and when can you wear modern hanbok and traditional hanbok? 

Just like the Sari in South Asia or the Ao dai from Vietnam, it’s refreshing to see traditional dresses that represent centuries of culture worn amidst modern fashion trends.

We’ve put together an infographic containing the most appropriate settings and occasions in which you can dress up in Korean traditional style.

However, with a growing modern selection, the occasions are certain to expand from purely traditional events to everyday wear.

Feel free to share this infographic with those who are curious about how they can incorporate the hanbok in their wardrobe!


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