Top Korean Fashion Brands for 2022

The boom of Korean culture started with the global popularization of K-pop and K-dramas and eventually extended to South Korea-based clothing labels that have triggered a widespread fashion phenomenon. Global icons, such as Rihanna, are seen wearing South Korean fashion brands that further cemented Korea’s place in the fashion chain. In addition, major global retailers like Shopbop started stocking up on Korean fashion labels and have released their “Korean Collective”  featuring South Korea-based designers. 

Top Korean Fashion Brands for 2022

South Korean fashion brands range from street style to sophisticated pieces and luxury brands that grace Fashion Week to affordable fashion that the youth loves. And as South Korea continues to rise to the top, it’s already projected that its fashion designers would become the next big “IT” in the fashion industry. 

And if you’ve been wanting to add a dash of South Korean fashion labels in your closet, here are the top fashion Korean brands to shop at. 


8seconds is Korea’s counter to popular brands like Uniqlo. The brand offers affordable, modern, and fresh casualwear for both men and women to enjoy. If you are looking for cute knitted cardigans to simple graphic T-shirts for everyday outfits, 8seconds is one of the best Korean fashion brands to shop at. 


Designer Minju Kim made rounds in the fashion industry as she wins Netflix’s reality competition series Next in Fashion. Her name blew up and she was given the perfect chance to introduce her brand to the global market, as well as have her products on NET-A-PORTER.

Kim, who also designed for K-group BTS’ world tour costumes, has a distinct feel to her clothes, which are playfulness and joy. 

Gentle Monster

Launched by CEO Hankook Kim in 2011, Gentle Monster rapidly became South Korea’s most trendy and favored sunglass brand. In a blink of an eye, it expanded globally and was seen being worn by top celebrities including Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Hailey Bieber, BLACKPINK’s Jennie and more fashion icons. 

Tchai Kim

Designer Kim Young Jin and the brand Tchai Kim is the definition of feminine, modern remakes of traditional Korean clothing like the hanbok. Using stunning colors like muted pastel, florals, and bright yellows, as well as modern a mixture of modern and traditional fabrics, Kim’s distinct and modern hanbok is something we should seriously consider having in our closet. 

Maison Marais

Say goodbye to dull office attire with Maison Marais. The brand features modern womenswear that an office girl would love. Maison Marais is included on Nazarro’s list of Korean fashion brands that you need to keep an eye on.

The label offers gorgeous pieces with beautiful tailoring, pleated accents, a muted and neutral color palette, and menswear-inspired outfits. 

Hyein Seo

Regarded as one of the best high-end Korean streetwear brands, Hyein Seo is a unique brand with a tinge of sexy. The label’s style is often associated with fairy grunge clothing and is supposed to be a jab to the traditional Korean social ideals and conservative views. 

It is well-loved and endorsed by Rihanna on Instagram, making it a globally popular brand. 


If you want trendy pieces inspired by runway outfits at an affordable price, then Fleamadonna is an excellent brand for that. Fleamadonna’s designer is a woman that is never afraid to experiment with new designs, textures, and colors, and these are all seen on Fleamadonna’s gorgeous arrays of fashion pieces. 

Kpop groups like TWICE, G-Friend, and Red Velvet are seen to be wearing Fleamadonna pieces.


More and more brands have been choosing the sustainable way to make clothes and Wnderkammer has been one since its foundation in 2010. CEO Hye Young Shin is an independent Korean designer that makes sustainable closet staples. Wnderkammer’s uniquely designed clothes are made with organic and natural fabrics, tinted with charisma and minimalist silhouettes. 


IISE infuses streetwear fashion with unique elements of the Korean culture, resulting in relaxed and modern pieces, with classic cuts and practicality. The brand offers a wide range of styles, from sweats and tees to accessories.

It even has an exclusive line for petit silhouettes. In addition, this label is well-loved by the community due to the designer using local fabrics and eco-conscious manufacturing techniques. 


Stylenanda is one of South Korea’s trendiest clothing brands that most people would shop on. The clothing label solely offers Korean fashion for women, but it is open to international shoppers too with its English website and international shipping.

The brand has a stunning collection of apparel, with the cheapest product priced at just under $20. Their clothes are pretty affordable but they have a premium collection too, with prices going up to $400. 


Chuu is a famous womenswear brand in Korea with its signature super skinny jeans and aesthetic clothing. The brand’s bestseller is often dubbed as -5kg jeans because wearing them will make you look super skinny.

Aside from that, Chuu has a clothing collection that is distinct from the others and we are sure you’d love it. The label has tops and pants, all to the way to accessories and even phone cases. 


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