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5 Unique Korean Fashion Styles

Let’s be real, we can never really be able to follow every fashion trend that there is. There’s just too many! With the new technology that we have today, it’s no wonder that our fashion quickly adapted to it too. The harder part is that sometimes, it’s not only one trend.

There can be more than one trend that will rise at the same time. It’s fascinating how these trends quickly change and replace one another. The trend cycle just went faster and faster every year. It’s pretty crazy and very confusing at times.

There has been a surge on the latest fashion trends. Many trends just come and go while others continue to be a very prominent fashion style for years to come. Fashion trends develop overtime and change based on the previous trends. It follows a specific flow of how clothes develop to create new trendy designs that will certainly pique the interest of the people.

Even if you’re the most fashionable person in the world, you’ll really have a hard time in keeping up with the latest trends. It is very important to stay updated every now and then to get in with the latest trends.

korean fashion styles

Nowadays, the South Koreans have taken over all of the trends. The right term for this trend is the Hallyu wave. Whether it be music, skin care or fashion, there surely will be a Korean on the list of popular new trends. It’s no secret that they’ve gained so much popularity for the past few years.

Up to this date, they still continue to take over much of our trends from all the different genres. South Korean styles are surely a beautiful newly introduced trend that you should look out for. Be sure to keep up with the latest trends that are mostly taken over by the South Koreans.

South Korean fashion styles have been very popular all over the world. Along with the rise of K-Pop music, their fashion trends have also experienced a rise of popularity over the years. Some people want to dress up like their favorite idols and there are no questions why.

South Korean idols are really stepping it up with their overall style, from their clothes to their hair. Most of these people that love Korean styles are young adults to kids. Korean style trends have taken Fashion up to a new different level with their various style techniques. If you are one of the people who want to style it up like your favorite Korean personalities, here are the top 5 unique Korean fashion styles.

Mix and Match

korean fashion styles

South Korean’s fashion is famous for incorporating eclecticism or the concept of taking a style out of different fashion trends and incorporating them into one. In order to achieve this latest fashion style trend, you need to forget about all the styling techniques you know and just let it loose. Every piece of clothing goes well with one another in South Korean fashion. Mix your wardrobe up and come up with an outfit that is both cool and stylish.

You may think that it is a very bizarre idea to do this and only those who are crazy enough can rock this fashion style trend. Truth is that you can rock this whoever you are and whatever you may be. This trend doesn’t only choose who will be able to rock it, everyone can do their best to try.

Ever wondered what it looks like to wear a bright colored checkered pants and shirt and top it off with a leather jacket with black shoes? I assure you that it doesn’t look overly bizarre. Better yet, it looks completely stylish and cool that you would absolutely love sporting this look. Make sure to let your imagination run wild and create the best mix and match outfit that there is.

Oversized Tops

korean fashion styles

Who wouldn’t want to be fashionable and yet very comfy in their respective outfits? This next Korean style trend gives you the luxury of having both fashion and comfort in one. From the start of the year 2000, almost every piece of clothing, both for men and women, are made for a slim figure or skinny fit in every angle.

Pieces of clothing have been very small and fitted with a low chance of seeing pieces that hung loosely with the exception of crop tops or clothes that are usually cut short in your midrib while showing off your belly button.

But over the last few years, trends have switched back to loose clothes. Oversized tops have become a staple part of a person’s wardrobe. Everyone enjoys this stylish yet comfortable piece of clothing that you can wear with almost anything. The resurgence of this trend has been associated with the rise of popularity of hip hop and athleisure outfits.

If you’re running errands, you can choose to partner up an oversized tee with shorts, leggings, denim pants, or even yoga pants. You can even wear this when you go to sleep. The possibilities are endless. If you want to go all out on style, you can wear an oversized shirt with shorts and thigh-high boots and a cap.  You can never go wrong with an oversized shirt.

Statement Blazer

korean fashion styles

This is one of the trends that will surely last up to the years to come. This Korean trend solves all the problems of feeling underdressed. We all deeply appreciate a piece of clothing that we bought that can be used for the years to come and never go out of style.

Statement blazers are definitely one of these items. You can never go wrong with a statement blazer. This piece of clothing can retain its style even after a few years of wearing it. It gives us a stylish aura without having to worry at all.

Having even only a single statement blazer can already add a lot of stylish points to your wardrobe. They’re good for everything. You can wear them with any piece of clothing may it be dress, jeans, shorts, or bizarrely printed tops. You can immediately amplify the style of any basic outfits with just an addition of a statement blazer. It also helps us show off our creativity and fashion instincts and gives us a lot of major moments to rock on. And you’ll never look crazy with a statement blazer.

This piece of clothing immediately gives out a sophisticated and stylish look that makes us play the part in any scenarios. It can make us look very fun at one moment and very professional the next. You can never go wrong with adding a statement blazer to your wardrobe.

Blush Tones

korean fashion styles

Koreans have come up with ways on how to rock a blush-colored outfit. Since the year 2016, blush tones have been very popular for Pantone have chosen rose quartz and serenity as colors of the year. Blush pink is just a tone lighter than rose quartz which made it very popular.

This pastel color has been viewed as a very beautiful light color that you can incorporate to any outfit that you can come up with. Even if you are not a fan of wearing light colors, you’ll still be able to love blush tones. And that’s why Koreans made it their latest fashion style trend.

Wearing an outfit with blush tone color makes you look very chic and sophisticated. This is the reason why Koreans have come up with the trend of wearing blush toned outfits. A fun thing with wearing blush tones is that you can wear it with any other items.

Feeling bland with a plain green dress? You can use a blush-toned scarf and make your simple outfit look really sophisticated. Feeling crazy and mixing it up with a funky looking mini skirt? Partner it with a blush-toned plain top and make it look extremely cool and chic. With blush-toned outfits, you’ll never run out of options.

Athleisure Outfits

korean fashion styles

Athleisure outfits are a hybrid type of clothing that is typically worn in a lot of athletic activities. These clothes are usually referred to as “comfortable yet chic.” The Koreans have been sporting this very look for quite some time now and that is why a lot of big fashion names have been pushing this into their racks.

These types of clothing can also be used for a lot of different settings with the likes of social occasions, your workplace, your school, or any casual gathering and events. Athleisure outfits include clothing such as tights, leggings, yoga pants, shorts, sneakers, or any item that can be distinguished as an athletic outfit.

This trend is considered as an industrial movement that allowed most sportswear to be more versatile and comfortable to the point that it can be used for daily errands. It has been said that this trend originated with women because of how they love to incorporate yoga pants into their everyday outfits.

This style trend is widely accepted for its convenience and comfortability. The idea that you can wear yoga pants for every day that there is sounds really great. Korean fashion styles have been well-loved all over the world because it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at and because of the comfort the pieces of clothing brings. If you want to know the best online stores to purchase Korean-styled outfits, check them out here!


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