The Rookies of Kpop! New Kpop Idol Groups to Watch Out

Unlike the past Korean pop generation, it seems like the current times have seen more and more groups debuting by the hot second. With so much happening in the Kpop industry, it’s hard to keep and catch up with up and rising rookie idols. 

If you are wondering which new Kpop groups are going rounds and making a name for themselves, check the list for rookie idol groups to watch out for! 


After creating RAIN Company, Rain debuted his first group in March! The boys of Ciipher who trained under a veteran artist, as expected, are incredibly talented and released an everyday and happy-go-lucky music video and song.  You can also read ‘Money Heist’ Season 4 Recap by click here

Purple Kiss

To follow MAMAMOO’S footsteps are Purple Kiss who had an official debut in March with “Ponzona.” Pretty much like their vocal powerhouse seniors, the girls show a wonderful range of vocals and debuted with a dark, girl crush concept. 


The famed group MOMOLAND just got themselves a younger brother group. Debuting back in January under MLD Entertainment is T1419, a group of passionate boys with a bright and fun concept but also, extrusion bad-boy vibes.


TRI.BE made a big impact when they debuted in February with a catchy and fun song! The group came from both TR Entertainment and Mellow Entertainment. They look like a group that would come a long way in this industry. 


An impressive concept of Knights and Kingdoms has Kpop fans wowed with this boy group’s debut. They are GF Entertainment’s second group and they show a promising future with a unique style and darker themes. 


PIXY, who debuted under ALLART Entertainment but managed by Happy Tribe Entertainment, debuted with “Wings” in February. The girls extruded a dark theme and almost-ritualistic choreography with amazing vocals.


“Mirae” means future in Korean and we are hoping to see this boy group become the future of Kpop. MIRAE debuted under DSP Media, the home of KARD and April! Despite being a rookie group, they’ve already shown priming skills that are on par with older groups. 


If you are looking for a new song to blast on high inside the car, give MAJORS’ “Spit It Out’ a try. The girls debuted under ANS Entertainment in March and though they have been through rough obstacles prior to their debut, we are hoping for their wonderful journey ahead. 


NTX debuted under Victory Company with 10 wonderful members! The boys are already making a mark in the industry when they self-produced an entire song! Talented and endearing if you ask me! Hoping for more from NTX. 


The first group under S2 Entertainment comes in the form of fierce and girl crush rookie group HOT Issue with their debut track “GRATATA.” Debuted back in April, the girl group extrudes high energy that will urge you to move! 


Coming from C9 Entertainment, the home of CIX, Cignature, and Younha, is rookie boy group EPEX. The group has a solid rap line and we love the lyrics which relate to the problems of COVID-19 pandemic. 


A fresh in the list! BLITZERS debut under WUZO Entertainment in May and brings back rock in their title track. Rock is not a popular genre in the Kpop industry but these boys managed to pull it off with an impressive music video and their charismatic deep voices. 


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