The rise of BTS: Why did they become so popular?

It’s 2020, and K-pop sensation BTS is abruptly all over. BTS might be the most mainstream boy group the world has ever seen. 

BTS: Who are they?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the seven-member Kpop group has become a world sensation with bringing in $130 million out of 2019 sales from merchandising alone. Plus, having such record-setting views on YouTube for their music videos as well as album purchases alongside their money-making star power — the group definitely rock the entertainment world.

A couple of years after their official debut way back in 2015, BTS came in the lead position on a weekly music performance show on one of Korea’s three significant television broadcasts with their first single entitled “I NEED U.”  It’s actually from their third mini-album, “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1.” 


From that point forward, the group has kept on breaking records. This previous March, BTS’ “Map of the Soul: 7” album denoted the group’s fourth No.1 collection on the Billboard 200 chart. The said album has recorded 347,000 collection sales and even more than 74 million on-request streams, which makes it to be recognized as the biggest week for any album that was released in 2020, as indicated by Billboard at that time.

The Head of Culture and Trends at YouTube even confirmed as well that the BTS music video for “ON,” the album’s lead single, has set a new record for being such a peak viewer for a premiere.

Most recently, the group also beat a Guinness World Record for the most viewed concert live stream in a virtual concert that was viewed by more than 700,000 fans all over the world. 

BTS and Worldwide Success

For American and Western fans, however, the Korean boy band’s climb into worldwide fame may feel somewhat sudden. There’s no other K-pop artist that has broken into the zeitgeist in a remarkable same manner as BTS. They once again broke another record in Billboard’s Social 50 Chart and were recognized as the top-grossing touring boy-group in 2019. Also, both on the Billboard 200 album chart and the Hot100 singles chart — they earned various high positions.


And just this November, BTS after being recognized as Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for their English-language single, “Dynamite,” got their first major nomination for the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards.

In reality, nonetheless, BTS has gradually been moving towards their current superstar status since they officially debuted seven years prior under a small label and entered the American consciousness just in 2017 when the group finally took the Billboard Music Award for being a Top Social Artist of the year. Presently, from innumerable media appearances to record-breaking Billboard runs up to custom Line Friends characters, BTS is setting down to stay.

Moreover, the group is likewise known for its focus on storytelling. It’s such a solid chunk of its music videos as well as supplemental material from 2015 onwards has played into a focal plotline that started with The Most Beautiful Moment in Life arrangement, giving the BTS members a role as youngsters made up for a lost time in powerful, enthusiastic struggles. 

However, there’s no such point of having the stunning song on the off chance that you can’t offer them to the world and BTS has done this by ensuring their performance is always engaging and their shows are diverse than the rest of other boy groups.

The boys’ talent sticks out and they have entirely amazed a being a fan that is frequently referred to as the ARMY. 

No band can have accomplishment without its fan and BTS has probably the most steadfast, dedicated fans that the world has ever observed with having a total of 23.6 million followers on Twitter, and a total of 30 million on Instagram (still continuously rising).

That’s why all the comments circulating around on how they became so popular is such a difficult thing to answer. Perhaps, it’s their slick dance routines that caught the heart and attention of their fans, or their amazingly noteworthy music video, or their very inspiring story of success. But rest assured, they are an extremely famous boy group. 

With their pre-sales for Map of the Soul: 7 amassed more than 3.4 million over the range of multi-week. (For context, Justin Beiber’s last album, Purpose, sold a total of 1.9 million records.) Ultimately, it comes down to the way that the group’s music and messaging have figured out how to reverberate with a worldwide audience composed of individuals of any age, gender, and ethnicities.


Some portion of that is because of a faultless marketing strategy and CEO Bang’s acknowledgment of the intensity and power of Western K-pop fans, however, the reality remains that BTS wouldn’t have fans in any case notwithstanding pulling in them with authenticity and songs that go. 

Even in the wake of going gaga for the group’s tremendous discography, discovering that Jungkook chose to join Big Hit since he wanted to work with RM, and watching music video after live stage after interesting and funny accumulation, there’s as yet a specific element of getting into something greater than yourself when you choose to hop on the BTS train. 

The group’s message of self-love has been simply the focal point of the ongoing Love Yourself album trilogy, with thoughtfulness and reflection the focal point of the current Map of the Soul series. BTS’s capacity to strike profoundly on various strongly relatable concepts makes them generally appealing. It’s anything but difficult to see yourself in the struggles that BTS portray, regardless of whether it’s on hard-hitting tracks like the recent “Dark Swan.”

To conclude, BTS is outstanding amongst other best pop acts as of now promoting, set apart by their dazzling performance style, lyricism, as well as dedication to diving into existential concepts such as personality and self-love. Indeed, even in worldwide fame, the group stands firm: “We would prefer not to change our character or our identity to get the number one,” RM (BTS leader) told Entertainment Weekly the previous spring.


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