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Top New Kpop Boy Groups

K-pop boy bands have been rocking the entertainment world not just in Korea but as well as in the entire world. Perhaps, you already have your own bias, supporting them and calling yourself with such names like Army— a fan of BTS or Carat —  a fan of Seventeen.

As a music fan, one of the most fulfilling emotions you can have is the adventure of finding another new group to love. A new group that can twang your heartstrings as well as punch all the right sonic buttons.

Be that as it may, given how frantic and hush-hush the South Korean music industry is, all there’s odds fans can be blindsided by the abrupt appearance of another new group or even miss a debut entirely. K-pop can be a bit perplexing sometimes, however, that is simply part of the good times.

Here is the list of the top new Kpop boy groups that will definitely not just conquer the entertainment world but as well as your world as a fan.


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A new Kpop boy group which consists of 12-member— they’re the result of the Survival show YG Treasure Box, which was broadcasted way back in November 2018 until January 19, 2019. 

Supposedly, the group’s official schedule to debut was around mid-2019. However, as this never emerged, it’s been an extremely significant delay for fans to wait, yet members like Bang Yedam have been composing music or covering tracks to help keep the fans’ flame still alight. 

As YG Entertainment’s boy band for quite a while (the last being iKON in 2015) and (BLACKPINK in 2016): will Treasure help set YG back on track as a K-pop heavyweight? Who knows!

For two years, Treasure had built a fanbase of gems. On August 3, the group sold over 150,000 pre-order copies of their debut album THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE, as per announced by YG Entertainment.  For a group that hasn’t officially debuted, they broke the record of having the highest debit album sales.

Treasure’s music tracks from their debut album THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE and their music video of ‘BOY‘ was first-ever released on August 7 to digital platforms.


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Having a religious iconography, the red neon moving through their videos, and heavy utilization of circles in their sets as well as in artwork, you could maybe call OnlyOneOf’s idea ‘biblical futurism’. Who is the man behind it? Amazingly, it’s Jaden Jeong, previous inventive chief for a girl group named LOONA.

This new Kpop boy band officially debuted in May 2019 and consists of nine members. With the group’s enticing, seductive “savanna”,  three EPs of darkly beautiful harmonies, R&B notches, as well as  future bass, these are all evidence that it has been unreasonably far to ignore this group.

Boasting with so much dynamic mix of talents in one group, OnlyOneOf desire and aim to be different from the other Kpop boy band. 

Having such very artistic voices that are all shining as one through their choreographed as well as self-produced songs, it’s no surprise at all that this rookie group had earned their title as of the Billboard’s Top 5 New K-pop acts to watch in 2020. 

Additionally, on the off chance that 2020 has any chill, it will ensure this group OnlyOneOf would get the traction they truly deserved.


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Since the first-ever release of ONEUS EP, entitled Light Us, in January 2019, the group had steadily been growing their fanbase and had shown to the world, not just in Korea, what their group had to offer, especially to their supporters. It all resulted well when they appeared on the Next Big Sound chart last January 11, where they had debuted and placed at No. 9 on the chart.

ONEUS is under RBW, a company which is popularly known best for Mamamoo ( a Kpop girl group), this group had spent their last year showing what they’ve got, the overflowing versatility that was shown on their  Us album series, in which traditional Korean instrumental melodies as well as hip-hop blended well.

The group’s last album made their debut on the World Albums chart spotted at No. 15. 


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This group was formed during the reality survival show Codename in 2018.  Ateez debuted with 8 members  namely – Seonghwa, Hongjoong, Yunho, Yeosang, Mingi, San, Wooyoung, and Jongho. 

Even though this group rooted with very humble beginnings from KQ Entertainment, ATEEZ quickly rose to the spotlight, as they’ve won the Best Korean Act as well as the Next Generation Award during the 2019 MTV EMA Awards and Golden Disc Awards respectively.

ATEEZ has just made a tremendous splash globally, and their South Korean fanbase is gradually getting on. In October 2018, the group had released four EP’s as well as one full-length album. Plus, they sold out tours in the US, Australia, and Europe.

Where they go with the following chapter of their career is one of the most exhilarating possibilities for K-pop this year.


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Enhypen— a new K-pop boy group formed from Mnet’s survival show entitled I-Land, is scheduled to make its profoundly foreseen debut this coming November. It’s just been half a month since the multinational seven-member band set up its first official profile, yet this sensational rookie act has just pulled at the center of attention. 

At first, the prominent show – jointly sorted out by South Korean entertainment giant CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment, home to BTS and TXT – had an unpleasant beginning because of very low ratings as well as a lot of controversies.

Nonetheless, supported by its undeniably ground-breaking global fandom, Enhypen rose as a-Rockin’ roller. The group’s Twitter account piled up more than 710,000 followers just for two days of its first-ever launch. On Big Hit’s online fan network Weverse, Enhypen followers as of now dwarf TXT followers and are second in number just to BTS followers.


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DKB—  a new K-pop boy group that was created under Brave Entertainment. Consisting of nine-members, this group officially debuted with their first-ever mini album entitled “Youth” on February 3. “Sorry Mama” is their first-ever debut track.  

Moreover, their name, DKB, is another way to say “Dark Brown Eyes”, implying that “the individuals who have it will reach out to the world.”

The Brave Entertainment’s representative characterized this new Kpop boy group as a newcomer who is gonna carry a new breeze to the world of music industry this year.

Few weeks before DKB debuted, Brave Entertainment had released a secret image that portrays nine figures who were standing against a dim background with red lighting on January 16, 2020. On the image, the released date as well as the title of the group’s EP ‘Youth’ were also revealed.

Spigen Hall in Gangnam — where DKB’s debut was held. Next week after it’s official release, their EP entered the Gaon Album Chart spotted at number 41.

On August 13 during the 2020 Soribada Awards, they also won the ‘Next Artist Award’— first-ever award since their debut date.

DKB’s third EP entitled “Growth” as well as its lead single entitled “Work Hard” will be officially released on October 26, 2020.

Just by looking at the limited information we have on these new Kpop boy groups, we can already tell they are on for bigger things! If you are interested to know who are the top new Kpop girl groups that will run the world, check them out here!


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