New Graduate. What’s Next?

Most students look forward to their graduation day. Why? Because it is the grand accomplishment, the culmination of all their hard work. However, graduation itself is only the beginning. The next steps that you take after graduation are equally as important as the toil as tears of the years of study.

Once you hit that big milestone of graduation, ask yourself the even bigger question. “What am I going to do next?”

Naturally as a student, I am sure you are used to hearing this question by now.

Once you ask yourself this question, take it one step further and ask: “What am I willing to sacrifice for what’s next?” This is where your journey begins.


What am I willing to sacrifice to reach my next milestone?

This is a tough one because you might feel like you’ve just finished a huge sacrifice, eating noodles and wearing the same three T-shirts for four years. Meeting lifelong friends, learning and growing from life’s most needed mistakes.

But just as looking forward to graduation helped get you through the daily grind of school, looking forward to a professional milestone will help you plot a course. Keep your future self in mind. Be willing to sacrifice a little more time to develop the skills required. Get in the habit of asking questions and learning. Find a good mentor. Looking for a mentor in your field is great but don’t limit yourself. Find a professional in any field who can teach you and guide your in the ways of leadership.

Make a checklist of what it will take to move to the next level, and remember that the habits of self-discipline and delayed gratification bring lasting rewards.

This begins the day that you graduate. Don’t wait to take the next step. Keep the momentum going and you are well on your way.


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