The Best Places to Visit in Korea

Every country in the world that we get the chance and opportunity to travel to is both a gift and a blessing. In every travel experience that we have, we also learn along the way. Travellers and Tourists would always say that the reason that they travel is that, not only that they would want to experience something new, not only that they want to experience leisure and relaxation, not only that they want to have an escapade from their busy lives, but also, they want to gather more cultural insights, more historical facts, personal realizations and more relevance to the concept of Travel.

At this time of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of travellers and tourists are greatly affected, since their enthusiasm and passion of travel is hampered. But nevertheless, the hope of being back to the travel spirit someday, whenever everything is okay, and is back to normal, gives hope to each traveller and tourist to keep that flaming interest for Travel within them.

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To begin with this article, South Korea is an East Asian Nation that is located geographically in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. It shares one of the world’s most heavily militarized borders with North Korea. This together builds the totality of Korea as a country. It is equally known for its green, hilly, countryside, and is dotted with cherry trees and centuries-old Buddhist temples.

An additional beauty and highlight in South Korea is its coastal fishing villages, sub-tropical islands and high-tech cities, mainly as an example is Seoul, as its capital city.In this article, we will be placing South Korea in the limelight, and as the center of attraction, since I will be sharing to you, the best places to go to when you are in South Korea. Allow me to share with you the 10 best places to go whenever you travel to the intricate, exquisite, historical, cultural and majestic South Korea.


Would you like a blended experience in your South Korea Itinerary that is cultural and spiritual? An experience of travel that would allow you to develop your cultural spirit and spiritual linkage can be achieved when you visit Andong. Andong is referred by tourists and Koreans, as the Capital City of Korean Spiritual Culture. The main attraction of the city of Andong is the Hahoe Folk Village.

The Hahoe Folk Village is rich in local cultural heritage and is evidently preserved by the people living in the village, and is happily shared to the visitors of the village. As an attraction, food lovers will definitely enjoy the City of Andong. Its food specialty that can be boasted to its visitors and tourists is what they call the Jjimdak. The Jjimdak is a food combination that features a famed chicken topped on a Noodle Dish.

The City of Andong is home as well to a special unique type of alcohol drink named Soju. For alcohol lovers who would like to experiment new alcoholic drinks, Soju is indeed perfect for you to try, before leaving the city. For a remarkable travel experience in South Korea, Andong is a perfect city for you to go and include in your bucket list. 


Are you the type of tourist and traveller that loves to discover temples and museums, and relates one’s self to the history of the place? Well then, the Jeonju City in South Korea is the perfect place for you. Historically speaking, at the peak of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea, Jeonju was named as its spiritual capital. At present, Jeonju is surrounded with historic and beautiful temples and museums, and is dubbed as the best places to visit whenever you are in South Korea.

History enthusiasts will enjoy the city of Jeonju since they will definitely embrace the local culture and history of the city, through a trip and visit to the Jeonju Hanok Village. The Jeonju Hanok Village is evidently a setting that shows its visitors, traditional homes that were built in the 20th century. They will also get to experience the making of a traditional Hanji paper, and for alcohol drink lovers, get to sip the locally made Soju. Aside from the above mentioned features and highlights of the city, another attraction that the City of Jeonju can offer to its tourists and visitors is the Jeonju National Museum.

The museum is home to a staggering yet intricate collection of artifacts. To maximize one’s visit and stay in the City of Jeonju, tourists and visitors are encouraged to try the famous Korean dish named Bibimbap, a certified original recipe from this city and the region itself. Your love for History and new experiences will surely be enriched, when you visit the City of Jeonju in South Korea.


Are you the type of tourist that has high regard and love to different types and kinds of Architecture? Definitely, the City of Suwon is a match made in heaven for you to visit when in South Korea. The City of Suwon is geographically, the capital of Gyeonggi Province, and it is just 30 kilometers or equivalent to 20 miles outside of Seoul, which is the capital city of South Korea. Suwon is highly and easily accessible from Seoul, if the tourists and visitors will travel by car and by train.

Tourists and Visitors, as well as Soccer Enthusiasts, will worth knowingly discover and can expect to see in the City of Suwon, the World Cup Stadium, which is affectionately called by Koreans as the “Big Bird.” The place is historic and remarkable since the 2002 FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals was hosted and made possible in the place. History Enthusiasts will surely have an additional add-up to their historical insight collection for they will have the opportunity to discover the 18th century Hwaseong Fortress, wherein exciting activities can be done such as a tour to its exquisite architecture, and a once in a lifetime experience of trying out your hand at Archery, on the premises of the Hwaseong Fortress.

For Historic and Sports Enthusiast that are up for an adventure with a twist, head up to the City of Suwon and grab your experience of a lifetime.


Do you have the innate love and thrive to attend and witness various cultural festivals? Evidently, the City of Gyeongju in South Korea is an absolute response to what you are innately looking for. Gyeongju is historically the ancient capital of what was once called the Silla Kingdom. Because of the existence of the said kingdom during the ancient times in Gyeongju, it makes the city more than 2,000 years old to date. With the number of temples and numerous cultural festivals that Gyeongju has, it is considered by the tourists as a wondrous destination to discover and visit.

Upon visiting the city, the Bulguksa Temple will resemble to the eyes of the tourists, a true and distinct masterpiece of both the Buddhist Religion and the beginnings of art in Korea that is dated back to the 8th century. If you would want to increase your historical background of South Korea as a tourist, your determination of hiking up to the Seokguram Grotto will definitely be worthwhile since the grotto showcases to the tourists numerous artifacts and most importantly, the Buddhist Culture.

After experiencing the historical and cultural ambience of the place, an opportunity to visit the Covered Market of the city will complete the experience of every tourist. The Covered Market shows a collection of vendors that sells everything that the City of Gyeongju represents. From Silla Souvenirs, to freshly baked and made Korean delicacies, truly, the City of Gyeongju will surely leave a big imprint in your travel diary.


Are you looking for a City in South Korea that brings you an all in one package to complete your Korean Travel To–Do-List of Experiences? Ideally, the City of Seoul should be the must go and must visit city for you in South Korea. As every Korean, tourist and visitor of the country is aware of, Seoul is the Capital City and is the largest city of Korea. In East Asia, it is known to be the major destination of every traveller and excursionist.

If your itinerary and travel duration in South Korea does not follow a deadline, then you would love to discover the innermost parts that will bring you to the heart of the City of Seoul. From the various attractions, down to its palaces, and a quick detour to its ancient temples, shrines, beautiful public parks, cutting-edge design, shopping malls and an array of some of the best cuisines that Asia represents, Seoul is indeed a City that you will enjoy in varied viewpoints.

To name a few of the main attractions that Seoul brings, on top of the list is the Gyeongbokgung Palace and the 15th century old Changdeok-gung Palace. Seoul is indeed a City that every tourist will enjoy since it does not only offer variety to its tourists, but it also cascades a promise to its every visitor that when in Seoul, fun is an assurance, and the love for learning new things is a language that everyone understands.


The famous Korean horror movie entitled “Train to Busan” will never give chills and will never hinder anyone to visit this next city that I will be writing and sharing about-the City of Busan. In Korea, it is the second largest city after Seoul. Upon seeing the interiority of the City of Busan, it showcases to its tourists and visitors, a major port, and can give a round of a show to boast to the whole world, its beautiful beaches, hot springs and various array of choices and options that will make Outdoor Recreation possible and feasible for its people, tourists and visitors.

One of the greatest attractions that the City of Busan can offer is the Gamcheon Cultural Village, which is also known as the “Santorini of Korea”. It is known for its stunningly ecstatic colorful hillside community that is overlooking to the pristine and crystal clear waters of Korea.  Temple Enthusiasts will also enjoy their experience in the City of Busan, since they will get the chance to visit several temples, wherein the Beomeosa Temple is most popular in the city. Urbanization is greatly evident in the City of Busan because aside from its people who enjoys shopping, and with the museums that it offers to the tourists and visitors, popular and highly visited attractions such as the Haeundae Beach, Taejongdae Park and the heartwarming view of the Nakdong River Estuary Migratory Bird Sanctuary are popular places that sightseers can go, take pictures of and eventually get the chance to experience what the place can offer to its excursionists and guests.

Evidently, the City of Busan can be compared to a 5-Food- it is a City that curtails to the every need of its people, guests, visitors and tourists to relax, unwind, escape reality for a while, bond and enjoy even just for a day.


Are you a tourist and traveller that hopes and dreams to grab the opportunity of visiting a place in South Korea that has UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Then here, I happily give and share to you the City of Hwaseong. The City of Hwaseong is not too far away from Seoul, and it is absolutely the best places in South Korea that is worth visiting for a day tour or a day trip setting.

If you are planning to visit the City of Hwaseong, make sure to never miss the opportunity of visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Hwaseong Fortress and the Yongjusa Temple. If you would like to try something new for an adventure and would greatly consider this as a thrill, and then, you should not miss the grand moment of heading to Everland, a famous amusement park in South Korea, and in there, take the great challenge of riding their massive wooden rollercoaster.

For pork lovers, the perfect must try for you is their mouthwatering Korean BBQ. Definitely, you should head up to Bonsuwon Galbi, and in there, you will surely taste the best kalbi that South Korea can offer to its guests. For a fond and wide dimension of travel experience, never miss the chance to enlist the City of Hwaseong in your When in South Korea bucket list.


Would you like to buckle up and go for a day or two exploration visits in a city in South Korea? Definitely, the city of Gunsan should be your destination of choice. A gem that is encapsulated in the banks of the Geum River, Gunsan is surely a lovely and amazing city in South Korea that you would love to spend for a few days of exploration.

Upon arriving in the city, go straight to the Hirotsu Temple, followed by the Dongguksa Temple and lastly the Modern History Museum. Tourists who have already visited these places in the City of Gunsan, find these attractions stunningly perfect to visit and view on a rainy day as they say, based on their experience. To complete your Gunsan City trailblazing experience, do not forget to go to the Seonyudo Island as well.

A long bridge is attached to it and a worthwhile experience of seeing dramatic mountains and beaches is indeed a sight to behold in the viewpoint of every tourist and guest that visits the city. Ideally, it will be an added plus if you would include the City of Gunsan in your travel packet list because of its innate beauty.


Tourists and Visitors who would flock in South Korea will truly notice how Koreans value the importance of cleanliness in their country. An added proof to that is the City of Daegu. Surrounded with mountains, the City of Daegu shines and sparkles in cleanliness. The main attractions that the City of Daegu can offer to its guests are the Oriental Medicine Cultural Center, the Donghwasa, wherein visitors can chill out because its grounds are shining like the sunny morning.

Tourists can also take a detour to the Apsan Park wherein they can enjoy following the routes and trails around the area. If the tourist is hungry already, heading out to the Sangju Shikdang is a good choice. They serve tasty Korean dishes that you will surely love.


Gangneung is a city in South Korea that is encapsulated in the province of Gangwon-do. Tourists would highly recommend this city to those who have been here already, if you are looking for a full visit itinerary. A weeklong stay in the city is not even enough for you to experience the worthwhile attractions that this city can offer to tourists.

The main attractions that this city can offer are the Gyeongpo Beach, Gangneung Seongyojang House and the views from the Gyeongpodae Beach.


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