About Us

Just one look at you in hanbok, and everyone around you will fall in love with how graceful, fashionable, and well-designed each hanbok outfit is.

What is hanbok and what is the Korean In Me?

About Hanbok

The traditional Korean attire of hanbok has a history as colorful as its patterns and designs. Originally designed as clothing to make movement easier and less restricted, hanbok has been worn for approximately 2,000 years.


Over its long history, the hanbok has evolved and improved, and even the most luxurious hanbok styles once worn by royalty are available for anyone to enjoy and treasure. There is also a new style of hanbok called “modern hanbok” that has made hanbok into fashion haute couture. Hanbok can be seen in Korean dramas and movies, on the fashion runways, and in street fashion.

About the Korean in Me

Korean In Me is a premium hanbok store dedicated to preserving the craftsmanship and heritage of hanbok. Our store’s mission is to share the beauty of hanbok to people all over the world and make it accessible to everyone.

Come join us in making hanbok a part of your beautiful pictures, memories, and story.