How to Measure your Hanbok

Do you dream of owning and wearing your very own hanbok dress?
Are you picturing how you will look in the princess-fashion, A-line hanbok skirt (chima) that flows out when you twirl? Are you busy picking out which Korean traditional shoes (called flower shoes) will go best with your dress? 

There are lots of decisions that you have to make when you choose a hanbok.

But there’s one important style factor that you absolutely cannot forget: your hanbok sizing and fit. 

How to Correctly Measure for Your Hanbok: A Hanbok Custom Order Guide

Getting your measurements correct for your hanbok is critical to ensure that you have the perfect fit. It’s not just about measuring your height or matching your normal dress size to Korean clothing sizes. There’s a specific way that we measure for customizing hanbok. 


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to measure for hanbok. 

These steps apply to measuring for both women and men’s hanbok

Step 1. Measure your hwajang (arm & sleeve length).

Step 2. Measure your chojang (height).

Step 3 & 4. Measure your neck width and your armhole size.

Step 5. Measure your upper chest and your chest.

If you have any questions about how to measure for your hanbok, or if you have concerns about the process, please feel free to contact us using the live chat feature on our site, The Korean In Me, or by email! 

Get the Hanbok of your dreams!

Start today with a consultation on your desired hanbok type, design, and sizing to bring your dream Korean Hanbok home today.


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