It all began with the simple question: so where can I get a hanbok?

The Beginnings

As a Korean-American immigrant family, we were always sitting at the fence between two cultures that seemingly did not resemble each other at all. At home, we ate kimchi (fermented Korean spicy cabbage) and at school, we desperately tried to hide that same kimchi smell before our classmates complained of the unfamiliar smell.


But as we grew older and our children also grew up eating a well-balanced diet of Korean food and American food, we found ourselves wanting to connect more with the past. Should we start keeping the Korean festivals? What about the old Korean games we used to play during Lunar New Years? Who will teach our children how to speak, read, and write Korean? What about the hanbok we used to wear?

The Challenge of Finding a Hanbok

Hanbok has always been a part of our childhood and culture. You could see children wearing hanbok during dohl (100th day birthday) parties, proud mothers in jewel-toned hanbok in weddings, brides in hanbok, and happy couples in matching hanbok in engagement photos.

But where do you really get a hanbok? Not just any hanbok, but where can you get a hanbok that is modern-looking, affordable, and beautiful rather than old-fashioned?


We quickly realized this was a question many had: Korean immigrants, Korean-Americans, and even non-Koreans who fell in love with the appeal of traditional Korean dress. Language or distance should not be an obstacle to creating your dream wedding or honoring your heritage or wanting to look beautiful and elegant at your special occasion.

What is special about The Korean In Me?

We make it easy for you. No more struggling to search Korean websites. No more cheap hanbok imitations made in China. No more frustration. We cut out all the process to be your personal Hanbok consultant.

With the care of a local shop, but with the convenience of an online store —

The Korean In Me was created to help you have the hanbok experience of a lifetime.

20 years of creating your dream outfit — Beautifying your dreams is now our dream. Thank you for being a part of ours.